Frequency Separation in Capture One 12

Clearing Up

Skin Tones

No photoshop necessary!

If you have picked up Capture One 12 and you shoot portraits, weddings, or any type of photo really! I have a technique that I have put together in Capture One 12 to correct for skin as you would in a program like Photoshop. Most common way to soften skin or correct for skin tones is a technique called frequency separation.

The technique that I use is something I’ve come up with due to the fact I didn’t want to round trip to photoshop. I didn’t want to create extra files. I just didn’t want to use another program. Now the process isn’t perfect but it looks pretty darn good! BUT you can use the RAW file to process skin tones. It’s just over all a quality look!

Before & After


Now I know what you are thinking! I can just use the skin tone tab. Skin tone tab can definitely be useful. The skin tone tab also can make your photo looking flat and mono tone. That is just not pleasing to the eyes in my opinion.

My thought about portrait photography is connecting with the portrait. If you see a portrait that is supper flat your brain says, that photo looks flat, your eyes tell you that you don’t really like it. You may not understand why you don’t like a portrait but your eyes can see the difference. You want to connect the shot with the eyes which tells the brain, Boy! I like that!

Thats why photoshopping all the detail out is not a good idea.

If you’d like to learn more about this Technique you can sign up for my VIP Editing Group that I am starting. Please fill out the form and I will contact you for more info about it.

If you want to know the technique so you don’t have to go into photoshop for every photo that needs skin retouching, visit my store to get the download.

Note anyone that joined the VIP Editing group will receive this for for no extra charge.

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