Waterfalls on Dirty Souls

 Jessi Sutton -

Hair, Makeup & Modeling by Jessi Sutton

Waterfalls on Dirty Souls
— Ty Parish

I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life, and I have never once been to this location until this last month. Now I can't help but find myself revisiting it several times over. It's a very beautiful and serene place to be. As a photographer shooting in this location it's just glorious. The sounds alone are enough to put you in a trance where you find yourself losing track of time and wanting to continue to shoot there all day.



I have been wanting to get some really raw, eccentric and aqueous  images that really complimented my style. This beautiful hidden gem is what I found...

I have been shooting on location for almost a year now, and I absolutely love every aspect of it. I have only brought one model to shoot at this location before.  Although the images were very lovely, they just didn't exactly portray what i had envisioned. I wanted a very passionate shoot with aggressive tone yet something that emotes passion and vulnerability. Personally, I think this time around we nailed it!

After figuring out what I wanted and needed for the end result, I needed a model who could emulate. I really didn't know who to pick for the images I needed to create so I put out a message in a facebook group. I posted a few of the shots that I had taken before and said even though I knew it was such short notice,  that I wished to do it the following day. I'm fairly certain that it took no longer than 30 seconds before I had Jessi messaging me. We figured out the concept, wardrobe and she found a ride the 2 1/2 hr drive in just about an hour. We said goodnight to one another,  and before you knew it, she was at my front door ready to shoot.


We trekked our way into the woods with 2 large bags of wardrobe/accessories, camera gear, and an assistant. I wanted to do a bunch of wardrobe changes and get as many different looks in as possible, but the first image we got with the simplicity of her in a white dress was just stunning to me.

We shot a set first in a Spring house above the waterfall. I may still edit that series of photos, but these images undoubtedly spoke to me. Jessi Sutton, the model in these images, did an astounding job to emote the feelings I had envisioned for these surroundings.

Jessi felt really gravitated to playing around in the mud, so I just let her go for it. She sat and slowly took in the feeling of the way the mud ran across her skin. I observed her just in her own element and created the look and feel I wanted to the best of my ability.  With only using a natural light source, I feel we did a great job hitting all the proper angles.

he Waterfalls come straight out of the ground about 100 feet away from this spot. The water was immensely cold, but Jessi jumped in without hesitation and I was able to capture so many amazing images. I was expecting Jessi to pull on her facial expressions, but she powered through the cold like it was nothing.


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