Ashley Addison - Silks 2015 Promotional Reel

On a Whim is how this working relationship started. I added Ashley as a friend on facebook because she had a lot of the same friends as I did. I quickly got back into work mode and didn't see a post from Ashley for a quite a while it seemed. I randomly saw a post on my timeline that she was doing some pretty awesome things and decided to see if she wanted to do a photo shoot. I mentioned we should do a shoot and she told me to message her.  No time was wasted and we got right into creating and brewing up concepts for some videos she wanted to hire me for. Within a week we conceptualized, pre-planned and ran out the door to shoot her first video. We decided to shoot on Father's day because it was just seemed to work out best with the pacing of our work flow. After a few hours at the park with my family I left to go and shoot. Location scouting for Silks was a bit of challenge. We needed a tree to withstand about 700+ pounds of pressure. Some family friends of mine own some land about an hour from where we were, I thought to just go out there and find a tree. I was a bit worried we wouldn't find one that was healthy enough for that type of pressure but the very place I wanted to film the video, there was the tree. the adventure didn't stop there. To be continued with the next video. Enjoy! 

Ashley's Rigging her first tree 

Artists survive for you and because of you. 
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