Let's Buy Friday - Solar Power Bank

  • I bought this because I was always running out of batteries.

Let's Buy Friday

Do you ever go out and think to yourself, have I charged my batteries? Crap! This was one of the reasons why I bought this. I have a lot going on and I tend to forget to put my batteries on a charger. It may be my phone or my camera. The cool thing about this being solar powered is that you can leave it to sit in the window of your car. Now if you leave it in your camera back that's on you! 

Time Lapse

I also go out and to do time lapses with my camera. I had a Sony A7s and that camera would run low on batteries while I'm doing a time lapse.I now have an A7rIII and the batter issue isn't as bad.  While you are running a time lapse you don't want to mess with the camera while it's running a time lapse. What I do now is I just plug this power bank into my camera before I start the time lapse. 

Cell phone

The power bank has 2 USB plug-ins. I will be able to plug in my phone and check my facebook while I shoot my time lapse. I was able to charge my camera battery once and my phone battery twice. I'm probably going to pick up a few of these power banks!

Wedding Photographers & Videographers

Being a wedding photographer, I know people buy the huge battery grips for extra power. I used to do the video for weddings and I was always running low on batteries. so if you have that issue at a wedding it's not a big deal after you charge the solar pack, you can just put it in your pocket and USB straight to your camera. 

It seems like there is an endless amount of situations where you can use power. 

If you're out in the middle of the jungle if you have a few of these you don't need to find a village to charge up your gear. Now that is extreme but it does happen. so pick a few up and don't worry about running low on power!