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We made this plan for you...

Website design can be most frustrating, even for the professionals. There are a ton of solutions out there. I have worked personally with Drupal, Word Press, Wix, Shopify, Blogger and many more. They all have their place, but not with me and my needs.

I have found a way to get a website up in about 1 to 2 weeks as long as we can get all the qusstions answered and content in my hands.


Step 1, Gather all your content. Pictures, Videos, New articals and so on.
Step 2, Fill out questionaire.
Step 3, Design your website with the content and ansered questions.
Step 4 Review the site and make notes for changes.
Step 5 Start using your new website to make money!


Please note I will need "High Quality Content".
Photos need to be atleast the resolution of 720 pixels
Video content should be a standard HD quality. 1080 or 1800 long edge pxels wide.

All the layouts provided, use about 14 photos or higher.
I will need 20+ photos to to pick from, Crop or adjust to fill your website.
I will also need your companies logo. Please send it in a PNG format.

When choosing your photos I would shy away from using cell phone photos. A cell phone photo usually doesn't provide a quality images. When you are displaying an image that isn't high quality the website doesn't look high quality. I would like you to present yourself in the highest quality possable.


If you do not have quality photos, don't give up! I do have a workflow that will help. We are here to help you get through this.
Please fill out the questionaire anyways and someone will contact you about getting you all setup.