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How to expose for any image & with any type of camera. 

Exposure and HDR...

Exposure is one of the hardest things to do when you are limited by a cell phone. We will be talking about how to fix exposure issues and when you should use an HDR effect.


Depth of Field

How to create a cinematic feel with DOF & FOCUS.

Depth of field...

When to use DOF to your advantage and when to use deep focus. We will be talking about how and when to use those techneques.


Camera functions

Mobile Phone Features and Limitions...

We will go over what type of photos you should shoot with a phone and what photos you should shoot with a professional camera.

File_000 (2).jpeg

To golden rule or not to golden rule.


Composure is actually a bigger subject than people think. It's not just the angle, It's not just about what is in frame and what isnt. It's also about how you shoot your image to tell the story.


What apps to use and what apps not to use. How to get the most from you image.


If you are here to sign up for the workshop please click add to cart now. If you need more information please contact me. I will be updating this page as it develops. I'm looking to do the workshop at the end of August. 

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